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London College of Professional Studies recently became ASIC accredited and can now offer short courses to international students. The short courses we offer vary in duration from 2 weeks to 11 months, covering a huge array of subjects, including project management, cyber security, health and social care.


We have two and three-week programmes during summer 2018: starting from April and running until September. All our programmes are more or less the same in structure and content and only vary in length and price. We offer programmes in their entirety, including accommodation, excursions and activities;

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London College of Professional Studies is a privately funded FE college offering a broad range of vocational, professional and academic programmes. Our teachers are experienced, appropriately qualified and highly motivated. Our teachers use all the very latest equipment to deliver our courses and keep up to date with all the latest techniques in teaching.

Students Say | Testimonials

Having studied with LCPS I have been able to gain financial freedom. Paying £750 for the course and saving upwards of £15,000 from not doing the course through a university. This was not only the reason why I decided to study with LCPS, but the main reason is also because of the flexibility the course provides, being able to complete the course within a short period of time due to the adaptability of LCPS. Finally, I would like to mention about LCPS being a very forward-thinking college as they listen to feedback and implement from the feedback they receive the course.
I take this opportunity to thank LCPS for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal. During my search for the best Universities in the UK, I came across London College of Professional Studies, which was one of the very few Schools that provided integrate master degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Level 7 with specialization Management. The reputation of London College was also good among all career advisors; hence my choice was very easy. The Logistics and Supply Chain Management was a good mix of Thought. This gave me the option to research many studies pertaining to various aspects of business dynamics and practically apply the same. Managing Change, one of the module in the course was the most valuable lessons, I have learnt and applied in my daily course of business. After finishing my dissertation, I will relocate myself to one of the European countries to commence a new chapter of my life. It will be a great challenge to continue my career in the whole new world; I have got confidence in my extended knowledge and skills thanks to learning and experiences from the LCPS. I believe that the strong international reputation of the London College of Professional Studies will open many doors for me in the professional world and ensure an excellent job opportunity. Also at the same time, I will continue my studies through LCPS.
it has been a very relaxing and positive experience. I will willingly encourage other people by leaving my testimony on the LCPS website as the best online study experience anyone can ever have. LCPS is worth it.
I am so glad, finally, I have completed my study in Level 8 Diploma Strategic Management and Leadership with LCPS in just 9 months. As an adult working student, working and study especially to complete the assignment and course work within 3 weeks for each assignment, are really fantastic. I can say that part-time study is really required time management and high self-discipline. However, through excellent dedication, encouragement, proper guidance and dynamic support from the admin team especially from submission support and admin support team in LCPS, at last, I realized my dream to have this diploma. Even the entire program was designed as vocational syllabus, but as for me, the 8 mandatory modules are really relevant to the industry. It is really giving value added and most suitable for someone in the managerial position.
Please note that The content is relevant and useful – it is well presented in an intelligent and interesting manner and it’s giving me a better understanding of logistics and supply chain management.
LCPS prepare students for the world of work through a proven combination of professional guiding and academic excellence. LCPS is the perfect place to start your career journey. LCPS employment record speaks for itself, reflecting innovative, ‘real life' courses designed together with industry partners. LCPS offers a real-world approach to business learning with a flexible, industry-informed and research-based curriculum, revolutionise the traditional academic offering to meet industry needs better. So I was prepared for the real world by explicitly developing practice and self-awareness, initiative, communication skills, team-working abilities and critical thinking skills. Worldwide internationally-recognised professional organisations and bodies accredit courses. I particularly enjoyed the L7 Diploma studies as the advisor/supporter had to work together with me in a lot of cases to clear it and to guide me to the right ideas.
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It was a pleasure to use LCPS as they were very supportive and had a very user-friendly system to access the module. They had specific resources which helped in understanding the contents more effectively. The IT and support team were always available if I needed to reach out for advice. I would definitely recommend LCPS for anyone who would like to gain a qualification, Thank you.