Level 7 Diploma in Executive Management

This qualification provides a realistic and broad opportunity for Learners seeking career and professional development. It will support Learners in realising their potential and by association the prospects of the organisations they work with or for. Management of a range of business operations and functions, the management of specific challenges for organisations will introduce Learners to management theory, practice and models that will provide valuable knowledge and know-how.

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 36 weeks
  • Corporate Strategy  0/2

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy  0/1

  • Human Resource Practice, Leadership and Managing People  0/1

  • Global Trade and its Impact on Strategy  0/1

  • Research, Problem Solving and Business Reporting  0/0

    No items in this section

  • Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management  0/0

    No items in this section

  • Strategic Marketing  0/0

    No items in this section

  • Project Management  0/0

    No items in this section



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