OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to develop learners’ understanding of theory and practice relating to their role in this sector. The qualification will provide learners with an opportunity to engage with the challenges facing professionals and policy makers in their own country. It will provide knowledge that underpins the ability to work as an effective practitioner in the logistics and supply chain sector.

The objective of the  Level 5 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management qualification is to enable learners’ development as managers within the tourism and hospitality industry, with a lifelong-learning orientation. It enables learners to critically apply contemporary knowledge and theories to the management of complex problems. Successful completion of this qualification will equip learners with the specialist skills and technical terminology to develop their management skills and to progress to further study or employment.

The Qualifications will develop the Learner’s ability to:

  • apply analytical and evaluative techniques and to enhance those skills;
  • investigate issues and opportunities;
  • develop their awareness and appreciation of managerial, organisational and environmental issues;
  • use management techniques and practices in imaginative ways;
  • make use of relevant information from different sources;
  • develop and encourage problem-solving and creativity to tackle problems and challenges;
  • exercise judgement, own and take responsibility for decisions and actions; and

develop the ability to recognise and reflect on personal learning and improve their personal, social and other transferable skills.

The units combine both theoretical and practical knowledge in the profession and will develop and enhance knowledge and skills in the areas of effective performance, planning and accountability, development and team working. Learners will be able to work in a variety of roles within logistics and supply chain management.

The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

6 Month

9 Month

The programme is available in 2 delivery modes:

  • Online
  • In class

For entry onto the OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management qualification, learners must possess: 

  • Relevant NQF/QCF Level 3 Award/Diploma or at the level of GCE/GCSE or equivalent
  • The learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course

The OTHM Level 4 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management qualification consists of 6 mandatory units for a combined total of 120 credits.

Unit Ref. No. Unit title Unit Level Unit Credit
R/617/6015 Financial Accounting and


4 20
Y/617/6016 Introduction to Models and

Frameworks for Operations Management

4 20
D/617/6017 Management and Organisational Behaviour 4 20
H/617/6018 Introduction to Business Economics 4 20
K/617/6019 Introduction to Production and

Operations Management

4 20
D/617/6020 Purchasing and E-Procurement 4 20
Total: 120

SuccessfulcompletionofOTHMLevel4DiplomainLogisticsandSupplyChainManagement provides learners with the opportunity for academic progressions to a wide range of undergraduate programmes including OTHM  Level 5  diplomas.  For more information  visit the University Progressions page

Employment Progression

Depending on which part of the supply chain you’re in, your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • working with procurement managers and buyers to select products that are in demand and will sell
  • negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers
  • planning the best way to get goods from suppliers to distribution centres and retailers
  • tracking shipments and stock levels using computer software
  • looking at ways to improve supply chain networks
  • monitoring overall performance to make sure targets are met
  • preparing forecasts and inventories

Assessment is via assignment submission

No Exams

This programme is accredited by Ofqual Awarding body (Othm)

LCPS offers both one single payment option and monthly easy instalments plan

Option 1

Single Payment                                             = £1100

Option 2

Monthly Payment breakdown

Initial Deposit ( including registration).       = £250

5 Monthly instalments                                  = £170