Qualifi Level 4 Diploma in Health and Social Care

Level 4 Certificate in Health and Social Care ( 120 credit )

The Qualifications have been created to develop and reward the business health and social care workers

of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the health and social

care sector.It is envisaged that these programmes will encourage both academic and professional development so

that you learners move forward to realise not just their own potential but also that of organisations across

a broad range of sectors.

This suite of Qualifications provides a realistic and broad opportunity for Learners seeking career and

professional development. They will support Learners in realising their potential and by association the

prospects of the organisations they work with or for.

The objectives of this suite of Qualifications is to:

  •  provide career path support to Learners who wish to develop their management, enterprisecapabilities and opportunities in their chosen sector;
  • improve understanding of the business environment, organisations and how they are managed anddeveloped; and
  • develop skills and abilities in Learners to support their professional development

The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

6 Month

9 Month

The programme is available in 2 delivery modes:


in class

in order to apply you should have either:

 Level 3 diploma or GCE/GCSE or equivalent overseas qualification

5 years work experience

Qualifi Level 4 Health and Social Care comprises 6 Units in total.


Unit Reference                                units Unit level Credit
HSC401 Academic Study Skills 4 20
HSC402 Communicating in Health and Social Care 4 20
HSC403 An Introduction to Healthcare Policy 4 20
HSC404 Reflective Practice 4 20
HSC405 Managing People in Health and Social Care 4 20
HSC406 Sociology Concepts in Health and Ill Health 4 20

Assessment is via assignment submission

No Exams

This programme is accredited by Ofqual Awarding body (Qualifi)

Option 1

Single Payment                                             = £1100

Option 2

Monthly Payment breakdown

Initial Deposit ( including registration).       = £250

5 Monthly instalments                                  = £170