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LCPS Refunds Policy

LCPS refunds policy must be adhered to in all cases.


The following will apply to refunds processing:


  • When withdrawing from a course the college must be informed
  • Applications for refunds must be made using a Refund Application Form
  • Refunds are subject to an administration charge, details are laid out below
  • Refunds are made by BACS, electronic bank transfer, to the party who originally paid for the course.


Refunds will be given under the following conditions:


Student withdraws before the start of the course All fees, except the administration fee associated with the course Course withdrawal form
Student withdraws due to medical reasons directly affecting course attendance Tuition fees for any complete terms not attended. If the student has not been entered/registered for an exam/award the examination fee will also be refunded. The administration fee associated with the course is not refundable Medical certificate
Student fails to obtain a Visa All fees except £250.00 administration charge Refusal letter
Course is cancelled by the College All fees N/A



Refunds are not given under any other circumstances.