Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms
1.1 These terms together with those terms contained in the offer letter (together the ‘Terms and Conditions’) set out the contractual terms which apply between London College of Professional Studies (‘LCPS’) and students (‘Students’) in relation to the courses and/or academic programmes (the ‘Course’).
1.2 As such, Students should ensure they read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before signing and submitting their application for admission to LCPS.
1.3 Once an enrolment is accepted by LCPS, these Terms and Conditions become legally binding. All students agree to be bound by the regulations, policies and procedures of LCPS (paper copies are available on request).
2. Under-18 Students
2.1 When a Student is under 18 years of age at the start of their course at LCPS, their parents or legal guardians must sign a parental consent form. Confirmation documents will not be issued and the student will not be accepted on to a course unless the parental consent form is returned signed.
2.2 In case of Students who are under 18 years of age, any reference in these Terms and Conditions to liability of Students shall also infer liability on the parents or guardian of the Student and such liability is joint and several.
3. Booking & Payment of Fees
3.1 The tuition fee for your course will be as stated in the offer letter you received from LCPS.
3.2 Students and their parents or guardians or their agents/representatives, agree to pay the tuition fees and all other charges applicable for the course. It is understood and agreed that failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the course and cancellation of the enrolment.
3.3 In order to register for your course, at least 50% of the course fees must be paid. LCPS cannot issue any visa documents before receiving this payment. The remaining 50% of fees must be paid at least 4 weeks before the start of the course. Any airport transfers, accommodation or tuition details will not be confirmed unless full payment has been received.
3.4 Payment for accommodation must be made as below before the booking can be confirmed by LCPS:
 Residential: payment in full for period booked  Homestay: payment in advance per 4 week period (or the full amount if the booking is for less than 4 weeks)
 For students requiring a visa, no accommodation booking will be confirmed before the confirmation of visa issue is received. Any booking made ahead of this visa confirmation will be on a provisional basis only. In cases where visa confirmation and travel details are not received 72 hours before expected arrival, the provisional booking will be cancelled.
4. Services
4.1 The company reserves the right to change details of its advertised services, courses, facilities and course dates where circumstances beyond the company’s control necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably.
4.2 In the unlikely event that LCPS is unable to deliver your course in full, you may be offered enrolment on a suitable alternative course at no extra cost. You have the right to choose whether you would prefer to cancel the course (terms and conditions apply), or to accept a place on another course. A minimum of eight students are required for courses to run. If there are fewer than eight students, alternative arrangements may be made. This may mean reduced hours, or the class may be merged with another class.
5. Course Entry Requirements
5.1 All courses at LCPS have entry requirements including minimum age and language level – see each course for details.
5.2 If any information provided in the application is incorrect, LCPS reserve the rights to make the necessary changes to the students’ enrolment at the students’ expense and if necessary, ask the students to leave their course and accommodation without any refunds.
6. Changes to Enrolments
6.1 Changes made to confirmed accommodation or course bookings will lead to a £50 administration fee, unless the student is extending the course or booking additional courses.
7. Changes to Airport Transfers
7.1 Notification of change to, or cancellation of, airport transfers must be sent to our Admissions team at least 2 full working days prior to the designated arrival time. If notice is not received, full charges will apply.
8. Academic Progression
8.1 Students are accepted into LCPS on the strict understanding that progression through the course is conditional upon satisfactory attendance and successful target attainment.
8.2 Students are formally assessed on a regular basis. The assessment will take into consideration: coursework assignments, internal examination results, attendance and commitment to study.
8.3 Students who do not meet the assessment criteria will not be allowed to proceed with their original course. Students will be offered an alternative course or withdrawn from LCPS without a refund.
9. Classes at LCPS
9.1 LCPS reserves the right to change an advertised course.
9.2 LCPS reserves the right to cancel an advertised course.
9.3 In the event of a course being cancelled by LCPS, the student will be offered an alternative course and/or course dates. If the student chooses not to accept this alternative, in cases where the course has not already started, they will receive a full refund for the course and accommodation booked through LCPS.
If the student has already started the course, they will receive a refund covering the remaining period of the course. If accommodation has been booked through LCPS, the student will receive an accommodation refund calculated from the Sunday following the effective date of course cancellation through to the end of the accommodation booking.
9.4 LCPS reserves the right to adapt students’ timetables.
9.5 LCPS reserves the right to change any teacher in any class.
9.6 LCPS closely monitors students’ progression and if the academic team feel that the students’ English level is not suitable for the course they have booked, LCPS reserves the right to move the student to a suitable level.
9.7 In order for students to obtain a certificate for the completion of their course, students must obtain an average attendance rate of 80% or above by the end of their course.
10. Progression
10.1 Progression at the end of any given levels dependent on successfully passing all modules in that term and fulfilling the academic criteria and achieving the required pass grade in the end of level exam.
11. Student Cancellation and Refund policy
11.1 Course bookings and accommodation fees will be treated separately. Cancellation fees before arrival
11.2 Notice of any cancellation must be made in writing (see Address Details section below). Failure to provide written notification will lead to full charges being made.
11.3 For non-visa nationals, if a course booking is cancelled before arrival, a refund will be made less £200 administration fee which will be charged.
11.4 For visa nationals, if a course booking is cancelled due to visa refusal, and an official visa refusal letter is provided, the £200 administration fee will be charged. Where no visa refusal letter is provided, no refund will be made.
11.5 If accommodation is cancelled more than 28 days before arrival, a £100 administration fee will be charged. This is in addition to any administration fee charged for cancellation of a course booking.
11.6 If accommodation is cancelled 28 days or less before arrival, including no shows , 4 weeks (or the full amount if the booking is for less than 4 weeks) of accommodation will be charged as applicable.
11.7 Any postponing of start dates will be considered on a case by case basis and is subject to availability. Where rebooking is not possible cancellation terms as per points 11.3-11.6 will apply.
11.8 Any change to booked and confirmed accommodation dates made with less than 14 days’ notice will be treated as cancellation and rebooking and charges detailed in points 11.4 and 11.5 will apply.
11.9 When a student commences a course they are expected to complete that course as stipulated in their offer letter. In the event that a student withdraws from a course, no refunds will be made in the following cases:
 A student decides to withdraw or leave early from their course programme;  A student is withdrawn from a course due to poor attendance or poor academic progress;  A student breaches the code of conduct resulting in expulsion.
11.10 In exceptional circumstances refunds of the remaining tuition fees can be agreed at the discretion of the Principal.
11.11 Students leaving accommodation must give at least four weeks’ notice in writing on the first Monday of the four week period. Students will be refunded for any additional accommodation fees paid that exceed the four week period. Students can raise any general refund enquiries with the Finance Department. However students who wish to claim must complete a Refund Application Form.
11.12 Students must read and complete the form, fully enclosing all official evidence supporting their request. Failure to do this will lead to the request being declined and the student obliged to re-apply and re-submit another form.
11.13 The completed refund form must be handed to a finance officer or submitted by post or via email. Refund forms can be sent to the following address:
Finance Dept. London College of Professional Studies (LCPS) 7D, 2nd Floor Cranbrook House, 61 Cranbrook Road Ilford, Essex IG1 4PG United Kingdom Email to: finance@lcps.org.uk
11.4 Notice of course cancellation must be made in writing to: . Admissions Dept. London College of Professional Studies (LCPS) 7D, 2nd Floor Cranbrook House, 61 Cranbrook Road Ilford, Essex IG1 4PG United Kingdom Email to: admissions@lcps.org.uk
11.15 If LCPS do not receive notice of course cancellation in accordance with clause 11.13 above, no refund will be offered.
11.16 In addition to the reasons stated in paragraph 11.8 above, no refunds will be made in the following circumstances:
 Visa nationals who successfully obtain a visa based on our sponsorship or fail to provide an official visa refusal letter  The visa application is withdrawn by the student. In exceptional circumstances, refunds of the tuition fees/deposit can be agreed at the discretion of the Principal.  The student is found to be in breach of UKVI regulations or is asked to leave the country by the UKVI.  The visa refusal was due to the applicant providing misleading, or false documents to the embassy.
A) Tuition fees will be refunded if a student’s visa application is rejected minus a non- refundable admin fee of £200. This is subject to the original visa refusal letter being received by our Admissions Department at least 7 days before the course is due to start.
B) LCPS do not take any responsibility for visa applications that are refused due to inaccurate information or false documents provided by the student.
11.17 If refunds are made overseas there will be a £20 bank charge applied.
11.18 In accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, in the event of a distance contract, students can cancel a course booking at any time during the period up to 14 days from the date the booking is confirmed by the College. If notice of cancellation is received within 14 days, the College will provide a full refund of all tuition fees received (or, if the course has already started, a refund equivalent to the unused portion of the course) within 14 days of receipt of the notification or cancellation. Note: this option applies to course fees only and does not apply to accommodation and transfer services.
12 Visas
12.1 It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a visa entry to study in the UK where required.
12.2 Students should consult the British Embassy or High Commission in their home country and refer to information on the UKVI website at gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/student- visas
12.3 No visa support documentation will be provided until 50% of fees have been received.
13 Holidays and Public Holidays
13.1 UK Public Holidays2018
1st January New Year’s Day 30th March Good Friday 2nd April Easter Monday 7th May May Day 28th May Spring Bank Holiday 6th August Summer Bank Holiday 25th December Christmas Day 26th December Boxing Day
13.2 No Holidays are allowed for bookings of less than 12 weeks.
13.3 For bookings longer than 12 weeks, students are entitled to a 1 week break for every 12 weeks that are booked.
13.4 The College will be closed on public holidays and over the Christmas period. Please see our price list for details of any seasonal supplement that may apply to students staying in LCPS accommodation over the Christmas and New Year period.
14 Medical and Accident Insurance & Medical Treatment
14.1 Every (non-UK based) Student must have appropriate insurance. LCPS recommends that all students take out travel/student insurance which is tailored to the needs of international students.
14.2 All Students in accommodation (homestay or residential) booked through LCPS must take out insurance and a copy of the policy must be given to LCPS.
14.3 Acceptance by the Student (or by his/her parent or legal guardian if the Student is under 18) of a place at LCPS indicates that the Student (or parent/ legal guardian if the Student is under 18) gives permission for the administration of emergency first aid by appropriately trained staff if and when required. LCPS staff are not allowed to administer any prescription or non-prescription medicine, but will promptly seek or recommend that the Student seeks medical, dental or optical treatment if and when required.
15 Liability
15.1 LCPS and its staff and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law.
15.2 LCPS will not be liable in the event of any service contracted by LCPS becoming impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside our control.
16 Valid Prices
16.1 LCPS reserves the right to change prices without notice.
16.2 LCPS reserves the right to change their code of conduct at any time. Students will be notified by email if such changes are implemented.
16.3 Students will be liable for any damage to the property or facilities of LCPS or accommodation providers (homestay or residential) and will be required to compensate LCPS or the accommodation provider against any loss.
16.4 Students will be liable for any harm caused to another student, member of LCPS staff or external staff contracted to provide services on behalf of LCPS (e.g. social activity providers) and will compensate LCPS accordingly.
17 Student Behaviour and Attendance
17.1 A reasonable standard of conduct is expected on all programmes including good attendance and study performance. A student may be suspended or expelled without refund in case of extremely irregular or anti-social behaviour. Any damage caused by a Student must be paid for by that Student in full. We will not accept:
 Poor attendance (lower than 80%);
 Disrespect to members of LCPS staff, homestay hosts, staff of a residential accommodation provider or other students;  Foul, inappropriate or abusive language, violence, intimidating or insulting behaviour, bullying, any form of discrimination (including based on race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation); or  Any other act or behaviour that does or may bring LCPS into disrepute or cause any harm or suffering to staff, other students or members of the public.
17.2 If the student fails to meet our minimum conduct requirements, we may expel them. We may also take any further action we think is appropriate including informing the appropriate Immigration Authorities and, if they are under 18 years of age, their parent(s) or guardian.
17.3 In the event of expulsion due to inappropriate conduct, there will be no refund of fees and any outstanding fees will become payable immediately.
17.4 Students are obliged to attend all of their classes on their timetable and LCPS is not responsible if the student chooses to miss any class time. Failing to attend without good reason will lead to expulsion from the college with no tuition or accommodation refund. Depending on their immigration status, Students may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
17.5 Students must arrive at class before the start time on their schedule and should arrive back from breaks promptly.
17.6 If a student consistently arrives late, the student may be expelled from the college with no tuition or accommodation refund.
18 Privacy Policy & Data Protection
18.1 By submitting the application form to LCPS, the Student agrees to the storage of their personal details, including sensitive personal data, in LCPS’s administrative systems, whether on paper, computer or any other medium and to the usage of that information for LCPS’s purposes only.
18.2 We process personal information to enable us to provide education and training, welfare, safety and educational support services, to administer college property, to maintain our own accounts and records, for administration and the organisation of events. Our processing also includes the use of CCTV to maintain the security of the premises and for preventing and investigating crime.
18.3 Personal information about Students processed by LCPS for the purposes indicated in paragraph 18.2 will include their full name, contact details and, where appropriate, those of their parents, guardian, agent or sponsor. We will also keep data about their education, health, welfare, accommodation, travel, passport/national ID, visa, finances and fees.
18.4 We will keep this information secure at all times as necessary to run our business, deliver their education and ensure their welfare and safety.
18.5 We will sometimes need to share the personal information we process with other organisations in the UK or overseas. We will only share all or part of a Student’s personal information when:
 It is necessary for the provision of services involving external suppliers (e.g. accommodation, transfer, etc.);
 It is legally required or lawful to do so;  In the event of a medical emergency if it is necessary to protect their health or the health of others.
18.6 The student consents to their personal data being stored, processed and shared by LCPS in this way. They consent to their sensitive personal data including health, welfare, nationality, ethnicity, religious and other data being stored, processed and shared by LCPS.
18.7 Students agree that copies of their regular reports on their academic progress and performance (including attendance and absence records) can be supplied to parents, sponsors or agents without prior notification.
18.8 On the first day of the student’s Course, they must give us their passport (or ID card if they are resident in the EU/EEA). We will copy it and return the original to them.
18.9 We will ask the student to provide us with certain personal information. It is the student’s responsibility to advise LCPS of any amendments to that information while they are enrolled with LCPS.
18.10 We may take photographs and films of students for promotional and marketing purposes (printed and online) without written consent or notification. Students, and their parents or guardians where applicable, must let us know if they do not wish to be photographed or filmed.
18.11 LCPS will process and share personal information provided by Students in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation.
19 Force Majeure
We are not responsible for any events outside our reasonable control which may cause the closure of part or all of the College and the cancellation of any classes, courses or other services or materials we provide. Events outside our reasonable control may include, without limitation, war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, disaster, storm or other extreme weather conditions, flood, plague and infectious disease.
20 UKVI Compliance
20.1 LCPS is committed to compliance with UKVI requirements and will pass on any information in accordance with its responsibilities on student attendance and contact details.
20.2 Students are required to immediately report to LCPS any changes in their contact details (address, telephone, mobile number, email address) and/or changes in their circumstances affecting their immigration status and their permission to stay in the UK.
20.3 There are restrictions on students from outside the EEA working in the UK. Details can be found on the UKVI website. Any student found to be working in contravention of these restrictions will be reported to the UKVI and may be asked to leave the College.
21 Agents
All the above terms are applicable to all students, whether they book their course directly with LCPS or through an Agent unless variations are expressly agreed with LCPS.
22 Equal Opportunities
LCPS operates an equal opportunities policy. It aims to ensure that no applicant will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex, marital status, disability, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or political or religious belief.
23 Changes to these Terms and Conditions
23.1 LCPS reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions. LCPS will at all times, where possible, provide the Student with reasonable notice of any changes to the Terms and Conditions.
23.2 Where material changes to these Terms and Conditions are to be implemented (prior to or after the contract being concluded with the Student) LCPS will obtain the student’s express consent to the said changes by indicating the material changes to the Student in the Offer Letter or via separate correspondence in the event that the Offer Letter has been signed.
24 Complaints Policy
24.1 The complaints policy can be obtained from the Admission Department. Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the details of the complaints policy.
24.2 In the event of any complaints remaining unresolved, an independent alternative dispute resolution service provider will be used.
25 Governing law and jurisdiction
Relevant United Kingdom law will apply to these Terms and Conditions and the relevant courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to these Terms and Conditions.